Ring Pet Tag with QR code Real-time scan alerts No subscription/fees

Ring Pet Tag with QR code Real-time scan alerts No subscription/fees

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Ring Pet Tag with QR code Real-time scan alerts No subscription/fees

Ensure the safety of your beloved pet with this innovative Pet Tag featuring a custom QR code and real-time alerts. Designed to provide peace of mind, this smart pet tag offers an array of features to help you quickly reunite with your lost pet.

Real-Time Alerts: Receive instant notifications when someone scans your pet’s custom QR code, so you’ll know right away when your pet has been found. This real-time alert system ensures you can act promptly to bring your furry friend back home safely.

Pet Profiles: Share a comprehensive, personalized Pet Profile that includes photos, medical information, and more. The Pet Profile is automatically shared with the person who scans the QR code, providing them with essential details to care for your pet until you can be reunited.

Anonymous Communication: Maintain your privacy while still being reachable. The anonymous communication feature allows your pet’s rescuer to contact you by call or text without either party having to share personal information or phone numbers.

Community Posting: Activate Lost Pet Mode with just a few taps to share your Pet Profile and a personalized message with your local Ring app community. This feature increases the visibility of your lost pet, rallying local support to aid in the search.

Petco Love Lost Integration: Effortlessly upload your pet’s picture to Petco Love Lost and receive a list of similar animals found at nearby shelters and around the community. This tool enhances your chances of locating your pet by expanding the search to local shelters.

Easy to Use: Enjoy the convenience of a pet tag that requires no subscription, batteries, or additional fees. This pet tag is designed for simplicity and effectiveness, making it easy for anyone to help return your lost pet to you.

Protect your pet with the advanced Pet Tag, combining technology and community support to ensure your pet’s safety and swift return in case they ever get lost.