Silicone Licking Snuffle Mat

Silicone Licking Snuffle Mat

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Silicone Licking Snuffle Mat – Slow Feeder Mat with Strong Suction, Durable Machine Washable Dog Slow Feed Food Bowl for Fast Eating, Blue

Create an enriching dining experience for your furry friend with the 4-in-1 Dog Snuffle Mat! Crafted from soft silicone, it offers sniffing, licking, water feeding, and slow eating zones, catering to all your pet’s needs in one convenient place.

Stimulates natural foraging instincts, promotes sensory skills, reduces boredom, and enhances survival skills. The powerful suction cup design ensures stability on various surfaces, providing an optimal feeding experience without flipping or sliding.

With multi-zone feeding support and food-grade silicone material offers a safe and balanced diet while being dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning. Experience luxurious care for your pet’s paws and whiskers!